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Natural Hair Instructor & Cosmetologist

From salon braider to global beauty entrepreneur and inventor, Stasha M Harris, the award-winning, world-renowned licensed NYS Natural hair instructor, is breaking glass ceilings and inspiring her peers along the way. 


Known for the details in her stitch braids, in 2009, Stasha launched Magic Finger’s Studios, what started as a braiding salon in Brooklyn, and has since evolved into a licensing partnership with Ampro, where she developed and launched her own custom product line under the Shine n Jam imprint. Working closing with Ampro, Stasha’s Magic Finger’s Shine’n Jam has become the #1 product for braiders across the world. The success of the partnership led to product extensions such as mousse, sheen, combs, oil, and hair bonnets. The newest partnership added to the Trinidadian braiders resume is her pre-stretched braiding hair, Magic Finger’s Hair, made with 100% Kanekalon. She has also invented the Magic Helper which is a unique tool that saves braiders time on prepping hair.


The master stylist, with over 22 years  of experience and over 300k fans on Instagram, has toured the world through hair as both an educator and brand ambassador. Stasha has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Lifestyle, Sophisticate’s Black Hair amongst many others. Receiving her NYS Cosmetology license in 2006, she knew her mission was much greater. In 2022, Stasha opened Magic Fingers Natural Hair Institute, training and educating future braiders. 


Stasha is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters; she is an amazing wife and business mogul. Stasha was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago where she discovered her passion for braiding and continues to travel back every year to give back to the place where it all began.


 In addition to her numerous ventures, Stasha is currently the creative director/host behind “The Braid Up” and “Battle of the Braids,” a feature of Cosmopolitan Magazine where she invites other stylists to debut their talents.


She inspires many up and coming stylists all over the world as she continues to build her legacy. Stasha is living proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to through manifestation, focus and consistency. For more information about Stasha, you can follow her on Instagram (@magicfingersstudio) and be sure to check out more of her work on her channel on YouTube!

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