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Natural Hair Instructor & Cosmetologist

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Stasha M Harris, the owner of Magic Finger’s Studio founded in 2009, is a world-renowned professional braider and natural hairstylist with over 18 years of experience. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Stasha has won several hairstyling awards including, Next Up, from the Natural Hair Industry Convention. Receiving her license from Empire Beauty School in 2006, Stasha has built a braiding empire that not only trains other  braiders/stylist but also inspires her peers. Train on naturally textured hair and protective styling, Stasha has worked with activist, Tamika Mallory, and is the go-to salon for Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” braids and the late rapper, Pop Smoke braids.

Known for the details in her stitch braids, the master stylist has been hired all over the world to be an educator and brand ambassador. Beyond the salon, Stasha is currently the stylist behind “The Braid Up” a feature of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has also established a partnership with Ampro Industries where she recently launched a new product under their Shine’n Jam family, namely MagicFingers Shine’ n Jam, which was developed by Stasha who helped to take their brand to another level. 

Stasha is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and continues to inspire many up and coming stylists all over the world as she continues to build her legacy. For more information about Stasha, you can follow her on Instagram and be sure to check out more of her work on her channel on Youtube.

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